Beijing Institute of Technology Scholarship

Beijing Institute of Technology Scholarship 2023 BIT CSC Scholarship 2023 is offering applications for a master’s degree and PhD to study at the Beijing Institute of Technology, China. Beijing Institute of Technology is one of the oldest institutes in Beijing and offers many scholarships to international students from around the world.

Either Chinese or English is the declared teaching language for Information Technologies students of all levels.

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Beijing Institute of Technology was founded in 1940, is a major public university and one of the oldest universities in Beijing, China. One must earn an M.S. for a minimum of two to three years to obtain an M.D., and a minimum of three years to earn a Ph.D. in that field.

Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Scholarship details:

Based in Beijing, BIT Country independent study Faculty of China Master & PhD deadline 15 April 2023.

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 The duration of Master’s (two to three years) and PhD (three to four years).

Eligibility for Beijing Institute of Technology Scholarship:

  • Candidates should be foreign nationals who live healthily and have a
  • bachelor’s degree At the very least,
  • candidates for a Master’s degree program should be under the age of 35, and
  • Candidates for a doctoral degree program should be under 40.

Financial of Beijing Institute of Technology Scholarship:

  • The Beijing Institute of Technology China Covers the following expenses
  • Full tuition fee: Comprehensive Medical Insurance;
  • Accommodation Fee; Registration Fee;
  • Monthly stipend: Master (3000 RMB)
  • Monthly stipend: doctoral Students (3500 RMB).


BIT offers several degree programs in English as well as in Chinese.


  • Aviation and Astronautics,
  • Science and Technology,
  • Manufacturing, Electronics,
  • Science and Technology,
  • Communication,
  • Science and Engineering,
  • Computer Science & Technology
  • Cyberspace Science and Technology
  • Chemical Engineering and Science and Technology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Law,
  • MBA.

Chinese studies:

  • Armament science and technology
  • Safety science and engineering electric
  • Power engineering and engineering Thermo physics
  • Optical engineering
  • Instrument science and technology
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Biology
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Physics
  • Applied Economics
  • Management science and engineering
  • Business administration
  • Theoretical economics teaching
  • Chinese to Speak


 (English, Chinese)

  • Aeronautics and Aerospace
  • Astronautics and Astronomy
  • Armament Science and Technology
  • Safety Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Power Engineering and Engineering
  • Thermo physics
  • Optical Engineering
  • Instrument Science and Technology
  • Electronics Science and Technology
  • Information and Communication Engineering
  • Control Science and Engineering
  • Computer Science

Requirements of Beijing Institute of Technology Scholarship:

The following materials are required for the BIT Chinese Government scholarship:

Degree and Transcript (must have a pastille)

Passport Size Photo Scanned

Copy of Passport

Two Letters of Recommendations

Personal Statements or

Study Plan or Research Proposal

 Proof of Language Proficiency

Photocopy of Foreigner

Physical Examination.

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Chinese medium courses: report of HSK4 or above (score: 210 or above, valid for two years), English level certificate. English medium courses: I

ELTS (5.5 or above) or TOEFL (80 or above) report (valid for two years) , or English proficiency certificate provided by academic institutions. (IELTS is not mandatory)


The Beijing Institute of Technology’s agency number is 10007.

The application deadline for the Beijing Institute of Technology Scholarship for Globally Dispersed Students is 15 April 2023.


Use the following link to apply online, or visit the announcement link to apply.                                           

Step one:

Must fill out the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) application. Please check How to fill out the Chinese Government Scholarship form 2023

Step Two :

Fill out the Online application at the Beijing Institute of Technology International student application system at Visit for More

Step Three:

Pay the Admission fee of 600 RMB (Only if you passed the Initial Review).

Step Four: The online video interview will be conducted via the social media app WeChat and all details regarding the interview will be announced through email.

Step Five :

The final result will be released through email after the CSC s final approval at the end of August

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