BI Presidential Scholarship 2024 in Norway (Funded)

The BI Presidential Scholarship 2024 in Norway is funded the International students. From around the globe are welcome to submit their applications for this amazing opportunity . This prestigious opportunity is open to those who aspire to pursue a Master’s degree in science and study for free at the Norwegian Business School. In addition to science-related fields, students can also apply for scholarships in Information Technology, Engineering, and other scientific disciplines. These BI Presidential Scholarship 2024 in Norway is funded are exclusively available at the Master’s level.

International students studying at Norwegian Business School are eligible for fully funded scholarships, which cover both tuition fees and a stipend for every semester throughout their two-year program. Established in 1943, Norwegian Business School is the largest school in Norway and the second largest in Europe, with a current student body of over 20,000 national and international students.

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BI Presidential Scholarship 2024 Details:

University:          Norwegian Business School

Award country: Norway

Degree level:      Masters Program

Scholarship coverage:     Tuition Fee and Stipend

Eligible nationality:          National & International

Last Date:            1 March 2024

International Students: Fully Funded Scholarships for Tuition and Living Expenses

Financial Benefits:

Norwegian Students:

International students have the opportunity to receive fully funded scholarships, covering not only their tuition fees but also providing a stipend for living expenses.

International Students:

This generous support is available for each semester, up to a maximum of two years, as long as the students meet the academic progression requirements.

Embracing diversity and fostering global education, we strive to ensure that international students can focus on their studies without financial worries.

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Number of Scholarships:

There are a total of 30 scholarships available for the academic year starting in Autumn 2020. Out of these, 20 scholarships are designate for international students and 10 scholarships are reserved for Norwegian students.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to keep their scholarship, all international students must fulfill certain academic requirements.

  • This includes completing a full course load (30 ECTS), each semester and maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of a B on the BI ECTS scale after every academic term. Additionally, recipients of the prestigious BI Presidential Scholarship are expect to serve as ambassadors for the university.
  • They will represent BI by speaking on its behalf, assisting with recruitment initiatives, and fostering a positive study atmosphere.
  • The specific responsibilities will be outline in the Scholarship Contract.

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Academic Progression Requirements:

  • To be eligible, candidates must have a GPA of A on the ECTS scale or an equivalent top-level grade on international grade scales.
  • This criteria applies to those who apply for and get accept into a Master of Science program.
  • Additionally, students currently enrolled in BI’s Sivil konom program can apply during their third year.
  • The BI Presidential Scholarship is open to all applicants applying to any Master of Science program.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for international students to apply for the BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway is March 1st, 2024. To apply for this fully funded scholarship, students can submit their applications online. Please refer to the provided instructions for guidance on how to complete the application process.

How to apply for BI Presidential Scholarship?

  • Compose a one-page scholarship application letter, in a personal and heartfelt manner, expressing why you believe you are a worthy recipient of this fully funded scholarship opportunity.
  • Highlight your academic achievements and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for consideration.
  • Don’t forget to attach the completed application for admission when submitting your application online.
  • For international students, currently enrolled in BI’s Siv k programme, who are in their third year. kindly send the scholarship application letter to [email protected].

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