Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 (Fully Funded)

The Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 Fully Funded to be host in Qatar Invitations are open for world wide. We are calling for exceptional, skilled, and passionate peace advocates from 100 nations worldwide to participate in the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2023 International Conference. All global candidates are eligible to apply for GPS Qatar. The summit is slate for January 22-25, 2024 in Qatar. High caliber candidates are urge to apply as it’s a fully funded conference. IELTS TOEFL is not a requirement for GPS 2024 application in Qatar. Individuals aged between 16-40 years old can submit their applications.

The Qatar Global Peace Summit has a mission to unite ambitious individuals from over 100 nations worldwide, striving for sustainable development objectives and promoting peace in communities to combat extreme violence, prejudice, and all forms of discrimination. It’s an open call to students and young professionals to participate in this Youth Summit in Qatar.

The Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 Fully Funded welcomes applications from individuals of all educational backgrounds. Each year, the International Conference selects over 150 candidates. The conference offers 15 fully funded awards, alongside 25 partially funded and 110 self-funded seats. This is an excellent opportunity for international students to participate in a fully funded program.

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Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 Details:

Offered by:     Global Peace Chain

Award country:           Qatar

Conference Dates:      22-25 Jan 2024

Scholarship coverage:            Fully Funded

Eligible nationality:     All Nationalities

Last Date:        15 December 2023

Benefits of Global Peace Summit Qatar 2023?

What are the advantages of attending the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2023?

  • The Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 is an all-expenses-paid conference open to international applicants.
  • GPS Qatar 2024 will provide a variety of funding options, including 15 fully funded slots, 25 partially funded slots, and 110 self-funded slots.
  • Participants will be given a Peace Passport and assistance with airfare, accommodation, and visa procedures.
  • The event provides an opportunity to network with global leaders and other socially-conscious young entrepreneurs.
  • Attendees can showcase their social impact initiatives while gaining insights from peace education & leadership capacity building sessions.
  • The summit also features diplomatic panel talks, keynote speeches, focused group discussions and group activities.
  • Participants will receive awards & certifications and take part in a signatory campaign.
  • The event concludes with a cultural presentation and gala night.

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Fully funded applicants:

Those who are fully fund will receive benefits such as an air-ticket (with a designate reimbursement amount), accommodation, a Peace Passport, a certificate, meals (breakfast and lunch), a conference kit, and invitations to our Cultural Evening Ceremony and Celebration Party.

Partially funded applicants:

On the other hand, partially funded individuals will also be provided with similar benefits excluding the air-ticket.

Self-funded participants would need to purchase our delegate package but will still enjoy the same privileges like receiving a certificate, Peace Passport, conference kit along with access to the Cultural Evening Ceremony and Celebration Party. All these opportunities are open for international students who are fully funded.

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Topics for Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024:

Agenda for the 2024 Global Peace Summit in Qatar:

  • The connection between youth joblessness and societal violence – what’s the link?
  • What are the underlying factors of workforce abuse and what measures can be taken to control it?
  • How can today’s young generation align their interests and fervor for future success?
  • How should global governing bodies improve their peace-building capabilities?

Eligibility Criteria:

To apply online for the Global Peace Summit Qatar, candidates need to fulfill the subsequent requirements:

  • Must be between 16-40 years of age.
  • Should be a committed and energetic young leader.
  • Must have a keen interest in social entrepreneurship.
  • Willing to contribute towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Should be involve in any level of social educational activities.
  • IELTS TOEFL is not a requirement for this summit application.

Selection Criteria:

The committee in charge of selection will assess each applicant’s profile based on their contributions to society and assign the most suitable category to their application.

Application Deadline:

Applicants for the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 have until December 15, 2023, to submit their applications. Those who are chose will receive notification by December 20, 2023.

How to Apply for Global Peace Summit Qatar 2023?

Interested in applying for the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2023?

  • The process is simple and straightforward, facilitated through an Online Application System. This system is also use for the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 International Conference. A non-refundable fee of $30 must be paid upfront, which can be done via PayPal.
  • If PayPal isn’t accessible in your region, a Direct Bank Transfer is also an option.
  • Once the payment is made, you’ll need to complete an application form and attach necessary documents before submit your application.
  • Below you’ll find the link to the Online Application and Official Link.

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