World Bank Summer Internship Program 2023

The World Bank summer Internship Program 2023 paid internship gives highly motivated individuals an opportunity to experience the mission and organizational work of the World Bank.

The internship allows individuals to bring new perspective and skills to the Bank, and provides them with an opportunity to learn about the development challenges faced by our client countries.

In their internship with the undergraduates have the chance to learn more about the purpose of such an institution. This is the reason why this special internship is quite impressive in whipping up knowledge and manpower.

The World Bank summer Internship Program 2023 is available for talented and accomplished individuals. The strength of their ideas and methods in the areas they serve enable the bank to reach its own goals. This distinction permits the interns to gain international exposure and discover innovative ways to improve their careers into the future.

TheWorld Bank summer Internship Program 2023 looks forward to inviting interested individuals from multiple fields to participate in the international internship for students. These fields may vary from minimum wage operations and corporate support.

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However, internships at the World Bank will depend on the availability of need projects in different fields, since it was establish.The World Bank has been working in almost every field that’s integral to the prosperity and stability of low-income and middle-income countries.

World Bank summer Internship Program 2023

The bank maintains itself appraise of the economic and social issues affecting the community in order to frame a comprehensive game plan. The interns take care to gain practical expertise that will transcend the classroom setting for their careers.

The majority of the internships in Washington are at the offices of the United States’ World Bank organization, but interns typically work in different parts of the world. In this four-month paid internship, there is an outstanding opportunity for those from other countries to get their names placed on a project that has the ability to change the world.

Therefore, the World Bank Internship Program is a prestigious international institution known for its diverse environment, the interns have a wider scope when it comes to knowing different cultures as well as discrete work method.In addition,the World Bank internship program paid internship offers maximum possibilities for the interns to place their own research experience into a practical project and therefore is the preferable internship.

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Details of World Bank Internship Program:

 Host Country:

  • USA

 Host Organization:

  • The World Bank

Benefits of the World Bank Internship Program:

  • They will pay a salary on an hourly basis to each intern.
  • A travel allowance of up to $3000 will be granted.
  • Interns will have their own opinion as professional skills on the projects.
  • Interns will act as second-opinion professionals
  • Applicants must have an undergraduate degree.
  • Must be a currently enroll student in a full-time graduate program; either master’s or Ph.D.
  • No age limit.
  • Also both males and females submit an application, but the females are highly encourage for this internship.
  • There is no limitation on the academic discipline of the applicant.
  • Anyone who is proficient in the English language can apply.
  • Furthermore, the applicant has knowledge of another language beside English, that would be a plus point.
  • To apply to the Internship Program, the candidates must complete an online application.
  • Be sure to provide your personal information completely.
  • The plan is to complete the application in one session.
  • The duration of the application is 90 minutes.
  • Upload only PDF files, DOC files, and DOCX files in the document, dox, and Pdf layout settings.
  • Each file must not exceed 5 MB. Do not use , $, @, and in your application
  • Enter the complete and accurate information for the telephone as (country code  city code  number).
  • Finally, the application is submit, you are no longer able to edit it. On unsuccessful submission, a confirmation email will be sent.

Required Documents for World Bank Summer Internship Program 2023:

  • Document needed by the World Bank for Winter 2019 Internship
  • Enrollment certificate,
  •  Letter of motivation,
  •  CV of the contestant.

Fellowship Application Deadline:

 The application deadline for the apprenticeship is October 31, 2022.

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