Hokkaido University Scholarship in japan 2023

Hokkaido University Scholarship is accepting applications for the John Smith International Fellowship for Presidents students to research in Japan.

 The Hokkaido University John Smith International Student Fellowship for Master s and Ph.D. Degrees for students.

 There is No Need to submit IELTS TOFEL to apply.

Regarding Postgraduate Degree Programs, almost all academic fields are available to students at Hokkaido University.

Hokkaido University is the foremost university having QS-ranking number 122nd on the planet. Japan is the core of the pedagogy system. The scholarship will cover all the expenses.

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Hokkaido University Presidents Fellowship Information:



 Degree level :

Master or PhD

Deadline :

06 January 2023.


  • Monthly stipend: 100,000 yen. (In addition to the monthly stipend, an additional 220,000 yen (70,000 yen for research students) is paid in the month of enrollment and 35,000 yen the following April and October)
  • Enrollment Fees Complete
  • Tuition Fees Monthly Stipend 70,000 yen will be paid to research students in addition to the monthly stipend.
  • The College shows On-Campus housing during the scholarship period.


REQUIRED Documents:

 A filled out Application Form for Hokkaido University Presidents Fellowship.

Please call in to reserve your spot and make an appointment with the host(s) of the research you intend to do.

Be sure to get an Consent letter from your host(s) before you start working on your report.

Masters Degree Transcripts considered for a PhD degree.

Official recommendation letter.

submitted to the president of Hokkaido University.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Current Students or alumni students of universities that take part in Inter University Exchange Agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding on Student Exchange with Hokkaido University are eligible to apply for this program.
  • Applicants who are already students of Hokkaido University are not eligible to apply for this program.
  • Students enrolled in Hokkaido University must be self-employed, not having turned to the organization or scholarship alternatives offered there.
  • Students in the top 25 for their Home University class should apply, and the school needs to have evidence of the student’s arrest and signature from the President.


  1. Students have to submit their application documents to their university in order to apply for Hokkaido University Presidents Fellowship 2023.
  2. The various Hokkaido Universities must select only ONE candidate, and send their documents by the deadline specified by Hokkaido University.
  3. Hokkaido University officials will not conduct correspondence with the respective applicant for any adjustments on the applicant s status.
  4. Please call Hokkaido University for all inquiries related to this application.

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