HEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students

HEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students Scholarships has recently announced 75 National Top Talent Scholarships for students coming from less privileged areas of the country.

The HEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students is a program designed to provide financial support and incentive to students in Pakistan. It encourages students to pursue higher educational opportunities by providing tuition assistance and access to resources. This program provides support through the provision of grants, loans, and scholarships that can help defray the costs associated with post-secondary education.

Total Number of 75 National Top Talent Scholarships:

On the auspicious occasion of the Independence Day of Pakistan, HEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students offers 40 Ph.D. and 35 MS scholarships to urban and rural Pakistani and Azad Kashmir nationals who plan to study is one of several top ranked universities in the world (A-ranked university ranking).

With these postgraduates, the country will enter into a new era. The scholarship period will be for 2 years for MS and 4 years for Ph.D.

Criteria of HEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Applicants must be : Pakistani /Azad Kashmir Nationals

Admitted to top-ranked universities in either the World s or 25 top-ranked universities in the selected fields.

  • Students must be Pakistani AJK Nationals.
  • For MS Scholarships: BS, BE, Master s, or Equivalent to 16 years of education.
  • For Ph.D. Scholarships: MS, M.Phil, ME, or Equivalent 18 years of education.
  • At last 2nd division during the last academic stage before qualifying for the final degree.

Maximum age on closing date. 40 years have been the requirements for full-time, regular faculty members of college and university settlements giving out state-accredited awards for 35 years for people at public and private universities attaining a relevant degree standing.

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Apply via the application for HEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Candidates have to apply for admission in the world’s top 25 ranked universities via the web platform of the (HEC) has announced 75 National Top Talent Scholarships Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC):

Top 25 THE Ranking Universities for 2022.

Sr. NoNameCountryTHE Rank
1University of OxfordUnited Kingdom1​
2California Institute of Technology (Caltech)United States2
3Harvard UniversityUnited States2
4Stanford UniversityUnited States4
5University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom5​
6Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)​United States5
7Princeton UniversityUnited States7
8University of California, BerkeleyUnited States8
9Yale UniversityUnited States9​
10The University of ChicagoUnited States10
11Columbia UniversityUnited States11
12Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom12
13Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States13
14University of PennsylvaniaUnited States13
15Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) ZurichSwitzerland15​
16Peking UniversityChina16
17Tsinghua UniversityChina16
18University of TorontoCanada18
19University College London (UCL)United Kingdom18
20University of California, Los AngelesUnited States20
21National University of SingaporeSingapore21
22Cornell UniversityUnited States22
23Duke UniversityUnited States23
24University of Michigan-Ann ArborUnited States24
25Northwestern UniversityUnited States24

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A QS university ranking of the world’s top 25 universities revealed in 2023.

Sr. No
University Name
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT​)
United States
QS Ranking
2University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom2
3Stanford UniversityUnited States3
4University of OxfordUnited Kingdom4
5Harvard UniversityUnited States5
6California Institute of Technology (Caltech)United States6
7Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom7
8University College LondonUnited Kingdom8
9ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) ZurichSwitzerland9
10The University of ChicagoUnited States10​
11National University of Singapore (NUS)Singapore11
12Peking UniversityChina12
13University of PennsylvaniaUnited States13
14Tsinghua UniversityChina14​​​
15The University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom15
16École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)Switzerland16
17Princeton UniversityUnited States16
18Yale UniversityUnited States18
19Nanyang Technological UniversitySingapore19
20Cornell UniversityUnited States20
21The University of Hong KongHong Kong21
22Columbia UniversityUnited States22
23The University of TokyoJapan23
24Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States24
25University of Michigan-Ann ArborUnited States25​

Deadline for HEC Scholarships:

for the scholarship have to be made no later than March 21, 2023.

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