Tomorrow Leaders Program 2023

The Tomorrow Leaders Program 2023 is a chance for young adults to get a head start on their career. The program provides paid internships, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Sponsored by the Department of State’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative MEPI, the Tomorrow’s Leaders Program offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships for accomplished undergraduate students and more advanced graduate students from economically undeserved backgrounds who represent the Middle East and North Africa MENA region’s cultural, religious, and geographic diversity.

For more than 16 years, Tomorrow Leaders program has collaborated with the MENA area s preeminent American-style universities to equip participants with knowledge and skills needed for effective leadership.

By attending the American University in Cairo, the American University of Beirut, and the Lebanese American University, students are trained to represent their organizations in leadership roles.

Benefits of the Tomorrow Leaders Program:

Tomorrow Leaders take advantage of a rich array of academic and cultural activities. Today’s Leaders have the opportunity to study abroad in the United States for one semester. When they volunteer alongside host communities through projects of civic engagement, they are also helping these communities.

  • Tuition And Enrollment Fees,
  • Housing Monthly Living Stipend,
  • Entrance Fees And Residency Permits,
  • University Health Insurance, And
  • Textbooks And Laptops Are Some Of The Expenses Paid By Study Abroad Students

Eligibility Undergraduate Program:

Applicants must have one of the following citizenship or nationalities:

  • Algeria,
  • Bahrain,
  • Egypt,
  • Iraq, Jordan,
  • Lebanon,
  • Libya,
  • Morocco,
  • Tunisia,
  • Syria,
  • West Bank Gaza,
  • Yemen.

Note: American citizens or U.S. Legal Permanent Residents are not eligible to apply. Current high school seniors or applicants who graduated from high school in 2022 can qualify.

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How to become a part of Tomorrow Leaders Program:

  • After applying to college, high school seniors must maintain their academic performance and pass their leaving exam.
  • High academic credentials. Maturity, flexibility, and leadership capabilities.
  • Ability to communicate the purpose of educational goals and to grasp materials taught in both written and spoken english.
  • Minimum TOEFL iBT score of 55 (received within two years of application) required for university admission.

Undergraduate program launch events in September 2023 will give them the capacity to travel. Students will need to demonstrate financial need through financial need index MEPI information and submit bank statements as demanded.

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Eligibility Graduate Program :

The following citizenships or nationalities are to be eligible for the program:

  • Algeria,
  • Bahrain,
  • Egypt,
  • Iraq,
  • Jordan,
  • Lebanon,
  • Libya,
  • Morocco,
  • Tunisia,
  • Syria,
  • West Bank Gaza
  • Yemen

NOTE : U.S. citizens and U.S. Legal Permanent Residents are not eligible to apply.

  • Strong academic credentials.
  • Maturates, adaptability, and leadership potential.
  • Academic English proficiency is a condition that’s required by any graduate degree program.
  • Applicants for the master’s program must complete it within two calendar years of starting the program.
  • Proof of financial need is required. Qualifiers need to demonstrate financial need.
  • Financial aid laws apply to the Masters European Program in Mexico.
  • Evidence of academic English proficiency as required by the respective academic degree program is required.
  • All participants must have completed their master’s degree within two academic years.
  • Proficiency to travel to the start of the program at August September of 2023, and the Financial Need per MEPI and host university’s available policies.
  • Applicants should be underrepresented in certain academic programs.

Applications are due December 2022, December 5th

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